Landtours Travel Tips

Travel Tip No. 1... Always carry cash around (in addition to an ATM card)


 Travel Tip No. 2... Always try the local foods!


Travel Tip No,3 tip No. 3...In West Africa, Always Bargain!


 Travel Tip No. 4...It's best to pack light!

Travel Tip No. 5.... Be open to adventure and explore every chance you get!

Travel Tip No. 6... Know the right voltage and plug types for your destination. Most West African Countries use 220v-240v

Travel Tip No.7...Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it!

 Travel Tip No. 8.....Prepare for the heat!


Travel Tip No.9 Use a Journal to keep record of all the fun experiences during your trip!


Travel Tip No. 10....Apply for your visa a good amount of time before your trip


Travel Tip No. 11....Use a checklist of essentials to make sure you're ready before your trip.


Travel Tip No. 12.....Pre-travel vaccinations are essential! Consult your doctor and make sure to get all the necessary vaccinations and medications before your trip.

Travel Tip No. 13 Make as many friends as you can. smiling help's a lot!