Dewurubo, a word taken from the Akan language of Ghana, means “a joyous announcement”. In days past an official messenger would go around Akan communities early in the morning, ringing his unmistakeable gong, to signal important and festive news. It’s a word that powerfully conveys some of the most outstanding parts of African culture: hospitality, community and the importance of celebration. Here at derubo.com we try to reflect these values, by promoting the most unique and exciting arts, culture and events that the biggest African cities have to offer.

In a way we’re not much different from the official gong ringers of the past. Our team is dedicated to providing up to the date content on what’s fresh in your city. Want to know about the best new coffee spots, the next screening of that movie you’ve been itching to see or when the next big concert will be coming to your city?... derubo.com has got your back.

Wait there’s more! derubo.com doesn’t just tell you about exciting stuff, we give you exclusive access through our e-ticket service. Want to check out any of the events we promote on our website? Skip the hassle and purchase tickets through our easy to use e-ticket counter. Pay using mobile money or credit cards and well send you a unique e-ticket that’s valid for entry to the event.